Friday, March 7, 2014

Music Journal: Gabrieli

Musical Elements:

-Free Meter
-Four Voices, 2 male, and 2 female
-Also a singing choir
-Mostly Polyphonic, with some Homophonic
-Organ is being played in Background
-Voices are in constant motion
-Very little vibrato
-Several  authentic cadences trick us into thinking that it has resolved
-Not very chromatic, mostly chordal


-Starts off sounding very oordinary for the time, then changes to a verse of Hallejula at the end, with most voices singing in Unison
-From about halfway through the song, th choir joins the four voices.
-No verses are repeated, it is a chronological progression

-Giovanni Gabrieli was Italian
-This is a sacred piece, meant to be sung in a church
-Composed between 1544 and 1612
-Composed at a time when Secular was becoming more and more common and Sacred less and less

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