Friday, February 14, 2014

Ockeghem - "Miserere pie Ihesu / Mort, tu as navré de ton dart"- Analysis

Musical Elements:
-Free Meter
-All Male voices
-Entirely Homophonic
-Four Voices
-Mostly Syllabic and Nuematic (occasional melisma)
-Voices are constantly moving, but stay in unison (apart from chant)
-Voices are accompanied by what I believe is some kind of early harpsichord, an early cello, and some other kind of chordophone.
-No vibrato

-Choir and solo parts, where high voice leads the solo
-also a chant part where all voices sing
-Responsorial, moves back and forth between high voice and rest of the choir
-Ordinary, not proper

-Sung in the latin language
-Would have only been sung in church
-Probably composed between 1450s and 90s

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