Saturday, March 22, 2014

L'Orfeo Listening Journal

-Harpsichord, along with several other string intruments
-What seems to be a full choir
-Messenger is played by soprano male
-Orfeo is played by low tenor male
-Euricide is played by soprano female
-Is both monophnic and homophonic
-Little Vibrato in the voices
-Fixed meter in choir and insturmental parts, not so in solo parts

-Cycles between the Choir,  Messengar, Euricide, and Orfeo, instruments (which accompany the choir as well), and other important characters
-Choir changes to monophnic in dramatic kissing scene
-Only a couple of string instruments play the last, tragic scene
-Group choir scenes are accompanied with wild dancing

-Early Baroque Era Oera
-Written by Claudio Monteverdi
-In italian, based off of Greek myth of Orpehus
-A couple of hours in total (this is an excerpt of the opera).

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