Sunday, September 7, 2014

Franz Schubert - Der Konig in Thule Listening Journal

-Minor Key
-Duple Simple Meter
-Moderato Meter
-One piano and one female soprano voice
-Vibrato in voice
-subtle rubato in between phrases

-ABA, or binary structure
-Piano plays almost constantly, but at certain points slows down and then stops for a couple of seconds
-At the points where piano pauses, voice does as well
-Piano pays cylcing chord sturcutre throughout piece, switches between A and B sections

-Composed and published in 1816
-Original poem was written by Goethe
-Poem was very well recieved and covered by a number of other composers
-Poem is spoken in German language
-Romantic Era Piece

The piano accompaniement really serves as a background, adding to the tone and modd of the poem.  The piano does not seek to be in the spotlight, just to add to the qualities of the poem.

From a melodic standpoint this piece fluctuates back and forth.  At the beginning of the prases, these fluctuations are small, then they increase in the middle until they reduce at the end.  The piano chords rise then fall wuickly, only to slowly rise again.

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