Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Extended Analysis: Part Three

These are the notation symbols I found on page one of "Phrygian Gates"

Music-slur.png  Slur- indicates that two or more notes be played in one physical stroke
Music dynamic forte.svg Forte- dynamic symbol/direction for Loud
Music dynamic mezzo forte.svg Mezzo Forte- dynamic symbol/direction meaning half as loud as Forte

Music dynamic pianissimo.svg Pianisimo-dynamic symbol/direction meaning very soft

Music dynamic piano.svg Piano- dynamic symbol/direction meaning soft

Music-pedaldown.png Apply sustain pedal symbol
Music-pedalup.svg Release sustain Pedal Symbol

Music-crescendo.svg Cresc.- Abbreviation for Crescendo, directing an increase in volume

Music-diminuendo.svg Decresc.- Abbreviation for Decrescendo, directing a decrease in volume

Ped.- Abbreviation for pedal, indicating use of damper pedal.

Sim.- Abbreviation for Simile, which means similarly, indicating that the following pssage is to be played similarly to the previous

Poco a Poco- Means Little by Little, modifies other directives given so that they be applied slowly.

Più- Means more, modifies other directions given

Senza- Means without, modifies other directions given

Una Corda- Means one string, indicates that the soft pedal should be applied.

Tre Corde- Means three strings, indicating that the soft pedal should be relreased

Sempre- Means always, implying that any other directions given last infinitely, until others are given.

First Page of Phrygian Gates

Phrygian Gates

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