Friday, November 22, 2013

Introducing: Phrygian Gates and Surface analysis

For my extended analysis, I have chosen the piece Phrygian Gates.  Phrygian Gates is a minimalist piece composed by American Composer John Adams in 1977.  It is based on "a repetitive cell structure", and follows the circle f fifths.

Tempo: The tempo seems to be somewhere between Moderato and Lento.  Though with just the bpm, it is hard to tell which.

Meter:  The meter is 8/8 for the majority of the piece, but momentarily changes to 12/8 at times.

Texture:  Texture changes multiple times, throughout the piece.  It is mostly either monophonic or polyphonic, but is also occasionally Homophonic.

Timbre:  The only instrument is a piano, which is a chordophone.

Structure: Again, this piece is based on "a repetitive cell structure", and therefore has no recognizable structure.  Nothing is repeated once it has been played through.

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