Friday, April 4, 2014

LG Fugue Analysis

Meausre 1- D minor
Measure 15- D minor
Measure 24- C minor
Meaure 26- C minor
Meaure 32- Eb Major
Measure 36- Bb Major
Measure 50- D major
Measure 54- Bb Major
Measure 57- D minor
Measure 57- C# minor

2.  The forms for the pieces are fairly similar.  As the subject is establishe din the beginning, each starts to envelop it further as the piece progresses.  The subjects in each piece seem to be similar as well, with each being only a couple of measures long.  As the pieces progress, the subject becomes harder and harder to identify.  Both piece also use pirmarily minor keys, with a few major keys scattered in there.

Although there are similarities, there are also some differences.  I would argue that the Beetheoven takes the subject into a more complex setting.  Not only do the notes around the subject become louder and evenlop the subject, but the subject modulates into a wide variety of new keys.  While this is true in the LG fugue, it doesnt go to the same extent that the Beethoven does.

3.  I think Musicians of the Baroque era would like this piece.  It has many simlarities with the popular style in that time, and without the context of  Lady Gaga, nothing about the piece is all too extrodinary. Some might think that it is a little simple, but I think they would still like it overall.   

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