Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Music Review #1: How you like me now?

How you like me now? by the Heavy

Tempo: The tempo in this song is about 110 bpm, or moderato, meaning moderately.

Meter: The meter in this song is quadruple simple.  The song follows by four groups of two beats, which stays consistent throughout.   Although it may seem like duple simple at first, there is a small accent at the end of every fourth pair of beats.

Texture: In some parts of the song, the texture is light, such as when the lead singer and piano are the only ones playing, and the beginning. Throughout most of the rest of the song, the texture is medium, with the chorus being very rough.

Timbre: There are idiophonic, membranophonic, electronophonic, and chordophonic timbres in this song.  The idiophonic is the cymbals on the drum set, the membranophonic is the drums on the drum set, the electronophonic is the electric guitar, and the chordophonic is the piano.

Structure:  Like was mentioned in the section on texture, the piece has a clear exposition, A theme, chorus, and B theme.  The order is exposition, A theme, chorus, A theme, Chorus, B theme, Chorus.

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  1. Really nice structural analysis! When discussing texture, it is best to think in terms of how "open" or "sparse" a texture is, vs. how "thick" or "dense." You can also use the specific categories, although like you've noticed, there is more one can say about the musical texture than simply what category it falls in.